I’m Whitney Anne Jones, and I love a smattering of things. That’s probably why I decided to be a journalist.

Other than journo nerd love, you can expect to see a little fashion and design, a little food, some crafting and a lot of writing on this here blog. Get ready for the occasional southern-ism too. What else do you expect from a Tennessee girl?

I also happen to be in that oh-so-lucky group referred to as Millennials. I’m twenty-something, and if I read everything my fellow writers wrote about us I’d cry from the weight of all the impending doom. But I refuse to because this world is changing (just like it always has) and I’m ready to parse my way through it. This is my space to do that, and please feel free to join in the conversation!

A final little note: I know Jesus loves me  — good news, he loves you too — but I don’t ever want to shove it in your face. That does no good. Buuuttt, if you ever have any questions or are curious about what being a Christian is like feel free to ask. I’d love to talk about it, especially since I’m a verbal processor.

Now that I’ve talked your ear off about myself, please feel free to explore around this little piece of Internet space. If you have questions, love letters or just want to say a friendly hello please do so! You can find me at whitneyannejones[at]gmail[dot]com.

PS: I am so, so glad you are here.


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