Good Reads for Job Hunters

It is a time for celebration. I have had a visit, my friends. A visit from Lady Luck (maybe more like Lady Hardworkpaysoff?). My swimmer’s ear is practically healed… and I have a job interview tomorrow!

When 2:30 rolls around tomorrow I’ll probably be all noodles and nerves, but I’m hoping all my NPR investigating will pay off and the right words will kick in. So since I’m going to be thinking all about landing the first step into my dream job, I thought I’d leave you with some job hunting tips this Monday night.

1. Have writer’s block when it comes to you resume? Dreading the hunt for action-y verbs for your (hopefully) captivating cover letter? Here’s 100 words that might liven things up a bit.

2. I know I’m not the best about keeping my LinkedIn up-to-date or even using it, but these 10 quick tips might just make me change my mind.

3. Hooray! You’re like me and are actually going to talk (or if you’re close hopefully visit) someone who has an opening you might just be the right fit for. That’s where these tips for standing out in and interview will come in handy. And I think these are much better than your typical pep talk about selling yourself.

4. Sweet! You just landed that coveted internship for the fall semester — or you’ve been looking for one all summer as a post grad and you finally hit your lucky patch! (I understand, I’m there with you.) Now here’s how you can make sure you’re not just making copies or sitting at a desk perusing your Google Reader every day.

5. You do have a job, but you just aren’t sure it’s for you. Maybe you’re questioning whether or not you love your work? Here are 15 things that might just help you figure that out.

6. I couldn’t leave you without a funny little bit to read. Here’s one for you post grads out there who are settling into full time work. Life sure does change, right?

Now I must leave you! A working girl has got to get some beauty rest.

Let’s hope I have more news coming late this week! I’ll keep you in the loop, dears, I promise.

Til then!


Slow Saturday Salsa

I know it’s only Wednesday, that infamous hump dropped in the middle of the week, but I’m already dreaming about weekend plans. With the emotional ups and downs of the typical post-grad life in addition to feeling under the weather (Swimmer’s ear. Yuck.), I am more than ready for a couple days to romp around with friends, take naps and crochet away.

But even though this week has knocked me out a little bit, I’m making it through thanks to a day of resting. You see, my dear roommate was out of town for the entire weekend leaving me on my own for a couple of days. What to do with a completely open, unencumbered Saturday? Take it slow, my dear. Take it slow.

I soaked up all the rest I could get and even read the entire issue — sans one piece on golf — of Garden & Gun. I realized I should take a break from lovely stories about bourbon, southern artists and quail to make lunch. Since my green-thumbed father and a generous editor had handed over some not-too-spicy Anaheim peppers and a tomato or two, I went for a low-key, slow-paced meal. So I took a try at making my own salsa for my leisurely afternoon.


-3 or 4 Anaheim peppers

-1 or two tomatoes

-About a quarter of a huge grocery store onion

-Fresh cilantro


Chop peppers, tomatoes, onion and cilantro into chunks. Dump all those veggies and herbs into a food processor. Squeeze a generous amount of lime juice into the mix. Process the dickens out of it until you get a nice salsa-y texture.

Serve with chips (or pretzel crisps in my case) and preferably a few fingers of rum. Sit back and enjoy your light, care-free Saturday lunch in the sun.


I know it was exactly what I needed this week, and I’d suggest it to anyone out there. Just another quick tip: If you jump in swimming pool after savoring you light lunch, you might want to put a drop or two of alcohol in each ear when you jump out. Swimmer’s ear is not your friend, folks.

How do you prepare yourself on the weekends when a week of work (or job hunting!) looms ahead of  you? I’d really love to know.

Til then!