Good Reads for Friendly Farmers

Barely made my own Monday deadline! Bad journalist. But what can you do when swimmer’s ear knocks you down for a day? Ear pain is some of the worst. And how am I healing? Why, by watching the swimming portion of the Olympics, of course. I just love that Missy Franklin!

In non-Olympics news, here are some more good reads I found. This batch is for all the future friendly farmers out there! Read on for some local food love.

1. A youngster like myself quickly tires of the fast-paced concrete jungle life and moves to farm in Georgia. He tells his story here. What a dream for anyone who wants work that takes him under the sun and traps dirt under her fingernails.

2. For the more practical-minded someday farmers this New York Times article lays out some of the business details of small local farms in Seattle.

3. Here’s some info about both pro-local and anti-local agriculture, with quite a few mentions of one of my most recent favorite authors, Michael Pollan. I feel like I could talk about what I learned from his book The Omnivore’s Dilemma for days.

4. A seemingly never ending bladder infection — just another reason to eat chickens treated like real chickens. That means they can roam around, eat what they find and not be fed medicine for sickness they don’t have.

5. If you’re interested in all this eat local and farm talk, here is a roundup of places to find internships, jobs, training and advice.

6. I’ll leave you with a snarky tidbit from The Onion about neighbors wishing that a chain would destroy a local gem. Although this read might have a tiny bit of ugly truth in it (“I’d like to be able to buy a cappuccino and not have to worry about whether I’m being grateful enough for all the hard work they obvi­ously put into it”), it still leaves me yearning for a warm pastry made with careful, loving hands.

Next Monday I’ll bring some more neat reads for you! Expect a topic I’m quickly becoming familiar with: the job hunt.

Til then!


Good Reads for Journo Nerds


I read quite a bit — some for work, tons for pleasure — and I would just love to share the gems I come across with you. So each week I’m going to share my list of good reads. Sometimes they’ll be for fellow journalists, some for job seekers, some for millenials and others for just plain fun.

This week’s batch is filled with love for my dear craft, journalism. Now for the goods.

1. Robert Krulwich (of NPR’s Krulwich Wonders) talks about how fresh grads like myself should work their way into journalism. He told a bunch of cap-and-gowned Berkeley students in his commencement address about horizontal loyalty. You really should read the whole thing. It’s long, but reads more like wise words from a seasoned-journalist grandfather infiltrated with great stories than a speech.

2. With the sad news of the end of NPR’s Car Talk, this Chicago Tribune article covers why playing repurposed material, even if it is of the beloved Tom and Ray Magliozzi, just won’t cut it for public radio.

3. #Realtalk from Ann Friedman showed me just what it takes to make it in this, I hate to say it, struggling industry. (She also made killer news gifs. And who doesn’t love a good Meryl Streep gif?)

4. And finally, a piece of advice from Forbes about how to blog like a master and get your dream job.

That’s all the tidbits I this week! Check in next Monday for the next good reads list. And let me know if you run across anything simply fantastic.

Til then!

On my absence…

Obviously, I haven’t been around this little place much lately. One big life thing happened while I was gone — I’m a grad now — but putting together the next steps has not been the easiest ride. The good news is, I have a dream! The harder news is now I have to work toward it.

I’ve written about it a little bit here before, but in case you’ve forgotten or are just getting to know me (hello to anyone new out there!) here is my dream: I want to report for NPR and use that opportunity to tell people’s (read your) stories. Especially those most people don’t know about, the stories that shape you in the deepest ways.

I fell in love with the written word a long time ago. Fun fact: on one of those in service days when I didn’t have to go to elementary school I once read an entire Louis Sachar book, and it was one of my favorite accomplishments. Although I could still spend a whole day with my nose stuck in a book, a new love has blossomed in my life. And that would be audio.

I love the way someone’s voice can show you so much about themselves. Where they’re from. The hardships they’ve endured. The joys they’ve experienced. And those little noises in the background of your life you probably don’t even notice anymore, those are pretty great too. Bits of noise — or the music of life if you’re a little bit on the romantic side like me — can enhance a story so much. They provide detail that shows what a day in your shoes looks like but only just enough. Unlike a photograph (which I love too! You know I spend way too much time browsing facebook albums and instagram feeds catching up on what all my pals are up to.), audio lets you use some imagination. You almost understand exactly what someone else’s environment is like, but you have some wiggle room to make up the nitty-gritty details yourself.

So with this new love of mine in mind, this blog might slowly start to look a little different. I have a tiny seed of an idea planted in my head for a future project. I’m hoping it germinates so I can share it with you at a later (but let’s hope sooner) date.

But for now, since I didn’t think to catch any audio of my own graduation, I’ll leave you with another photo of the momentous event. I know it was more than a month ago, but later is better than never, right?

Til then!