Walking in Memphis


So several days ago I told you all about finding my dream job on a trip to Memphis. But I found so many other good times on that trip than a path to follow in my quickly-approaching post-grad years.

You want to know the key of what I discovered? Being alone can be good.

I’m not one to take lone adventures, watch movies drinking a slushie for one or seek out hours each day to be completely by myself. I like having my friends around, especially on car trips. But my Memphis adventure was one meant to be taken with just me, myself and I.

I wasn’t going to lug someone around a radio station. I just don’t have too many friends who would be jazzed with a two-hour conversation about public-aired journalism. Plus, this was a trip for me — I hope that doesn’t sound selfish but a girl has got to pursue her dream on her own sometimes, you know?

After an hour drive down I-40 listening to, of course, my favorite NPR member station, I just couldn’t justify turning around and heading back to Jackson without taking advantage of what every girl needs after a little bit of networking in her field of choice: a solid shopping spree. I was free of friends with strong opinions of where to go and hesitant non-shoppers.

I strolled the city’s Anthropologie, bought a sweater that I can’t stop wearing from J. Crew and had an animated conversation about my favorite hot drink at Teavana. I even manage to pick up some Chipotle on my way back to Jackson.

While it might seem insignificant, exploring all by myself added to my confidence that I can indeed do post-grad life on my own and actually enjoy some of the solitude that comes with moving to a new city with no one by your side.

But I do have to say, new friends out there, I’m looking forward to stumbling into you come the end of May.

More news on where I’m headed in the next month to come…

Til then!


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