See that beautiful hummingbird hanging out in the background? It was made by the one and only Kathryn Buncik. (To see more delightful things visit her at

After an extended break — yes, we are lucky here because school doesn’t start until February — of crocheting, watching all my favorite shows and a little bit of retail work it is wonderful to be back where I belong.

Back with people who find delight in freshening up new words. You can often hear “keen,” “delightful,” “swell” and a soiree of unfortunately forgotten sentiments around this place I call home.

Back where you find small gifts hidden, whether they’re chocolate, a handmade piece of art to adorn those empty dorm walls or a new, unexpected phone background.

Back where to-do lists can seem unending but you can find pleasure in having something to check off.

Having all these normal-to-me parts of life back after weeks of being with my wonderful family have left me feeling refreshed. I’m ready to take on what’s headed my way — classes, newspaper, finding a job and all.

Til then!

I want to know how you’re doing, dear! What’s the most refreshing thing you’ve done this week?


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