The best part of Christmas: Part 2

Christmas Adam is here bringing with it one more degree of anticipation, the best part of Christmas. Our tree is quickly filling up with more presents and I am looking forward to a day off to spend completely with my family.

But as my Christmas anticipation builds and builds, my mind goes to another family who must have had some of the same feelings but for a much different reason. What Mary and Joseph were waiting for wasn’t snow or the latest gizmo wrapped in colorful paper.

Waiting for Christ, their baby son, what were they feeling? There is definitely no comparison, but the anticipation most feel for ripping off thin paper from boxes — or carefully pulling off tape then slowly revealing what’s underneath if you’re like me — has some connection. It’s waiting.

But as I reflect on the Christ child’s family, I cannot help but think about how their anticipation was tinged with fear. Christ’s coming was not the usual birth story, you know. Friends and family probably pulled a Ricky Ricardo, saying to the betrothed couple, “You got some splainin’ to do.”

Yet, the new family’s waiting ended in the joyous birth that would shake up the world forever, bring grace and spread peace to all who believed. So as I anxiously wait for Christmas morn, I try to turn my mind to what Christ’s family felt as they anticipated the birth of their son.

The most delightful part of Christmas, whether it’s wrapping gifts thinking of those you love or thinking about the at-the-time unknown promise for the future, is what many want to bypass. Enjoy the waiting. Delight in that wonderful feeling of looking forward to something.

How do you refocus your thoughts during Christmas? Or what takes up the most thought space during the holidays? I would so love to hear!

Til then!


One thought on “The best part of Christmas: Part 2

  1. Whitney, I love that you touched on the anticipation of waiting….which was always my favorite part as well! I loved surprises, never snuck to see ahead of time, because the anticipation and excitement of the big moment of discovery was the biggest part. It used to make me mad when someone blabbed they knew what I was getting and then would tell you! UGH! And I also loved your perspective of what Joseph and Mary must’ve been feeling knowing they were part of a plan so much bigger than them. Kinda why one of my favorite newer songs of Christmas is ‘Mary Did You Know’?

    You asked what takes up the most thought space during this time….and for me….it is knowing that even if all the joys everyone else seem to be celebrating don’t always seem to be landing at my own door step this year, I can still be overflowing because NO ONE has given me quite as loving a gift as to step down from a highly exalted place to become flesh, to be submitted to the same things that may cause an ache in my heart or for tears to spill despite your best efforts. That was LOVE to take all of that on just because He wasn’t willing to live WITHOUT us!

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