The best part of Christmas: Part 1

With Christmas just around the corner, I can’t help but go over my favorite things about the holiday season: Momma’s buckeyes, time with my dear (and crazy) family, the countdown from Christmas God (today!) to Christmas Adam to Christmas Eve and, of course, the mounting pile of gifts that grows each day under our tinsel covered tree.

But, if I really think, I have one truly favorite part of Christmas ā€” anticipation. That feeling of waiting is what makes Christmastime one of my favorite parts of the year. One of the best ways that yearning feeling plays out for me every year is what some may think of as a chore. I love wrapping presents. Put on some Nat King Cole or Alabama (there’s nothing better than a family singalong to “Tennessee Christmas”) with a heaping supply of tape, colored paper and maybe some old magazines, and I am a happy gal.

You see, wrapping gifts is all about making what’s under the tree even more delectable for those you love. Taking the time to carefully hide those rough edges and white undersides of wrapping paper and making sure every bit just screams “I wanted to make this beautiful for you!” changes what might seem like a chore into something you just can’t wait to start next year.

Want some tips for last-minute wrapping? Here’s what I’ve done this year to build the anticipation of unwrapping for my dear family.

1. Pick a theme. This year, I was channeling my inner Elvis ā€” I am a Tennesseean, you know ā€” and chose a blue Christmas. Plus, it helped that a lot of my paper tidbits just happened to be in those cool colors that make you think of clear afternoons after a big snowfall.

2. Decorate! I love to put little decorations on my gifts ranging rom homemade giftags to bows made from recycled magazines.

3. Recycle. As you can see, I am a fan of wrapping gifts with paper goodies I already have. One thing I learned this year is that you can ask for brown paper bags for no extra charge at Target. And what looks cozier than a couple gifts wrapped in that light brown magically sturdy paper?

How do you like to build anticipation for Christmas day? I would just love to hear your Christmas traditions!

Til then!

PS: You might just want to check in tomorrow for a second part of Christmas anticipation.


2 thoughts on “The best part of Christmas: Part 1

  1. Whitney….I loved reading what makes Christmas special to you….you have some really great and creative ideas. I also love wrapping and turn every gift into a work of art! Check out my blog sometime, girl!
    Merry Christmas!!!

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