The best part of Christmas: Part 2

Christmas Adam is here bringing with it one more degree of anticipation, the best part of Christmas. Our tree is quickly filling up with more presents and I am looking forward to a day off to spend completely with my family.

But as my Christmas anticipation builds and builds, my mind goes to another family who must have had some of the same feelings but for a much different reason. What Mary and Joseph were waiting for wasn’t snow or the latest gizmo wrapped in colorful paper. Continue reading


The best part of Christmas: Part 1

With Christmas just around the corner, I can’t help but go over my favorite things about the holiday season: Momma’s buckeyes, time with my dear (and crazy) family, the countdown from Christmas God (today!) to Christmas Adam to Christmas Eve and, of course, the mounting pile of gifts that grows each day under our tinsel covered tree.

But, if I really think, I have one truly favorite part of Christmas — anticipation. That feeling of waiting is what makes Christmastime one of my favorite parts of the year. Continue reading

On slowing down

A shot of the little town I just returned to and happen to call home.

I have been home for nearly a week from the most hectic and toughest semester of school I have ever endured. And I’m finding it hard to slow down and breathe. Turns out, I’m an always-needs-a-full-to-do-list kind of girl, which means it is hard for me to find that one thing I’m constantly searching for (and trying to share with you how to reach) — balance. Continue reading