Yesterday, I was exhausted. I’ve heard staying up until 5:30 a.m. working on a school newspaper can do that to you. I was drained, yet in the middle of the day — despite having only four hours of sleep — there was a bright, refreshing moment.

I took time to play with my imagination.

This blessing is rare in this hectic, unorganized life of mine. I’m a pretty practical person, usually focused on work, when I can eat my next meal and how I can mark off tasks on my to do list.

But after an impromptu, much-needed conversation with my lovely roommate, I had to walk across part of campus I’m not usually in. The wind blew across my glass bottle of ginger ale making a deep, satisfying sound as I crossed an empty field from the photo house to the academic complex that feels sometimes like home and other times like jail. And despite my exhaustion, something in my mind sparked, and I found myself chugging across that field like a train.

That’s right, a train. The wind was my horn, my bag was my load. And in those few minutes I had alone choochoo-ing along I found the most joyous part of my day.

Play. Talk to those you care about. Act a little like a child. All these are lessons I learned in seeking balance during this tiring week.

I am so glad the Lord is always here to squeeze my hand and remind me to stop the worry, the busy life and play like I am the free woman he made me to be.

Til then!


4 thoughts on “Play

  1. I’m happy to be reading your blog again… Did you reach and grab the imaginary horn cable when you tooted the train whistle?

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