How overthinking is like a banana

I’ve been trying to revamp this blog into a more regular, focused part of my life. But I’ve faced an obstacle. What is it, you ask?

Thinking way too much, which is a problem that seeps into most — if not all — areas of my life like the way a banana left in my purse for ten seconds eeks its way into every item imaginable. It feels like you just can’t get that smell out. It sticks to everything, flavoring all items in its path with that distinctive taste you only want when you bite out of a banana, not your favorite kettle-cooked barbecue chips.

So, I decided not to allow overthinking to take over my life, or at least my blog, like a brown-speckled banana bent on destruction. Finding balance requires more doing and fewer sessions of pouring over every detail. This blog post by Jon Acuff helped me find peace with not being A+ all the time, everyday.

Thinking less means typing out ideas before they feel ready to be birthed on the page, making decisions without going over every possible detail and pitching ideas that may not feel fully developed.

It means hitting publish even if you haven’t proofread the post 8,000,072 times.

A lot of the fun in life is making the silly mistakes that come from doing instead of thinking. And you get a lot more done that way too.

And my first step is starting this blog back up. So here’s to regular posting and putting yourself out there even when you feel unsure.

Til then!

When’s a time overthinking something has prevented you from something amazing?


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