Lounging like a lizard

I have been the worst blogger these past couple weeks! I credit my lack of writing to loads of homework — thanks, midterms — and a crazy, but great transition (we’re finally moving online!) for my campus’ newspaper. Yes, I hear you mumbling “excuses, excuses” behind your back-lit screen, but the life of an internship-seeking college student can be just the tiniest bit busy, you know?

But finally, the glorious moment of spring break has fallen upon me! And what have I done? Traveled to the beach like most students desperate for some rays? I wish. Made plans to travel to some luxurious city? Nope, sadly Charleston will not be seeing my face this spring. I have instead chosen to do what I do best on breaks whether they are in blustery, frozen January or eternally humid July. Go home and lounge like a lizard.

Which makes me wonder, why is it only in the sometimes-sanctuary of my parents’ home that I can lay around all day napping, reading and sipping tea without the slightest hint of guilt? What is it about my college life or intern life (depending on the season) that makes me feel like it is a sin to take a day and do absolutely nothing productive.

Yes, I understand that lethargy does not lead to a particularly successful career or even a joy-filled life, but why does my mind instantly run to thoughts of ought tos and should dos when I stop to take a simple break? Am I being overworked by ambition? Am I already on the path of a workaholic?

No, I am not. I refuse. Which is why I have decided — even in a nation where determination, enthusiasm and climbing the career ladder are entrenched in our young little minds — that my life is not about my work. It’s not about my rest. Or my schooling. Or my family. Or my church. My life is about the balance of all these things, which, thankfully, will include some lizard lounging.

Why be overworked and stressed — especially at the tender age of 21? The world was created for us to, yes, work, but also enjoy. So I charge you, and myself (especially for those crazy weeks back in the dorms) to take day to read a book you like, cook something you love take a walk or just lay around. The other six can wait.

Til then!

PS: Photo taken by one of my lovely roommates such a long time ago. Now that’s how you relax.


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