Birthdays and sunny rays

Today I received the most pleasant birthday gift I think I could receive: a respite from the frozen, arctic weather. God sent me beautiful sunshine (shemesh for all those Hebrew fans out there), which literally made the first day of my 21st year shimmer.

I take it as a sign. Times are just going to get brighter from here.

After a year of loss, looking forward and reveling in the little joys of life is the best medicine for this young broad. Things like warmer days, a sweet word of wisdom (especially if it has the tiniest bit of snark) and even felt fake mustaches are like a fresh cup of tea. They restore the mind and heal the heart.

Speaking of phony facial hair, we celebrated my birthday — along with that of the lovely Elissa — with a Mexican fiesta. We donned our mustaches, large and small alike, chomped on zucchini quesadillas and partied away.

But the absolute best part of my birthday this momentous year? The friends — both old and new — I had to share the laughs, jabs and tasty food with. Here’s to a new year! More friends, more love, more joy. And maybe some maracas.

‘Til then!

(PS: The infamous red cups were present at this lively shindig, but when it comes to their contents think more like friendship tea and less like intoxicating substances. We’re all good kids here, folks!)


2 thoughts on “Birthdays and sunny rays

  1. I don’t think I ever did wish you happy birthday…but it sounds like it was wonderfully happy. And I am so glad. Even more, I’m so glad to be one of your new friends! Oh, and the blog is fantastic. Subscribing now.

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