The life of endless transitions

Alas, today ended my life of lethargy and gluttony. I am back on my familiar cozy campus after a long January break. Since it’s now time for me to start using my brain in classes again, I decided it was also the right moment to pick up this long-neglected blog.

Here I am on the lip of yet another transition. Change seems to be a requirement for college students, just like the mandatory meningitis shots we get before freshman enrollment. You cannot escape them, even though you sometimes (OK, maybe most of the time) wish you could.

Sometimes, changes in life are like little speed bumps and others seem as inescapable as climbing a skyscraper. For example, my locks have gone from a sandy, wooden color to a nice burgundy. That change, my friends, can be easily accepted, especially when the color isn’t even permanent. However, others are a little more difficult to overcome like the loss of one (or two) loved dearly.

While it’s frustrating always adjusting to something new, whether it be new roommates, a slow-moving city or driving, there is a bit of a thrill in never knowing what’s coming next. I have moved from the great, bustling capital of our country to the podunk town my family calls home to the great campus I am honored to call my own. And in the next 6 months who knows where I will be.

However, the one thing I do know is even though I may not be the happiest about always being in a state of change there is always joy to be found (and yes that is even true amidst suffering). I praise Him for friends both old and new in addition to the lessons learned during the past year of what seems like endless transitions. At least I can say life isn’t boring!

Til then!

(PS: I will leave you with a couple photos from my extended break at home. Oh, how I will miss home-cooked meals and all the new buddies I’ve met!)


One thought on “The life of endless transitions

  1. Yay! She’s returned to blogging! Expect change, relish it. I find I am most restless when things remain the same for too long.

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