The Roomskies: Meet Hannah

I know, I know, I know. It has taken me too long to finish this tiny series. In fact, I have only a little over a month left in this program! It’s just been such a whirlwind that I often (sadly) forget to blog.

Anywho, it’s time you meet Hannah, but before I begin there’s a couple changes since I began this little slice of my life in DC. One, we never refer to ourselves as roomskies anymore. It’s funny how names come and go so quickly sometimes. Two, speaking of going, our room has been downsized. We began as five on this journey and after a couple short weeks we became a family of four. So, yes, this will be the last of the roomskie posts.

Without further ado, this is Hannah Cochran. She hails from Portland, Oregon, which means I finally have a reason other than Powell’s book store to come for a visit. She’s the best at doing dishes, makes rockin’ lemonade and always knows which bus we should take. There’s so many times Hannah’s planning skills have come in handy! Especially for our already planned reunion on the West Coast (Mom and Dad, we’ll talk about this soon. Birthday present?)

Without Hannah we would be deprived of many laughs and lost the majority of the time, which is why she is irreplaceable. I love you buddy!

I promise, more DC news will come soon. I really need to get my blogging butt in gear!

Til’ then!

PS: For our apartment’s Halloween party Hannah was Eve, and who was I? Her trusty man Adam, of course. Our other two roommates were an asteroid and a dinosaur. All together, we made up the two opposing theories of evolution and creation. It was a great time and fun was had by all.


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