Orange you glad it's October?

Orange. It’s the color of fall, the breeziest, calmest season of the year and my favorite of the four. I picked orange not because I’m a Tennessee Vols fan (Sorry, Aunt Lisa! You tried.), but because it’s October. Time for pumpkins, pumpkins, pumpkins, some falling leaves and more pumpkins! I love finding the beloved gourd in my lattes, on porches and in baked goods warm out of the oven.

So here’s some photos — ironically, none of pumpkins — that I’ve taken on some of my travels over the past couple months celebrating that warm, smooth color .

Abby, enjoying some time on the Sandia Mountains in the desert land of New Mexico, home of the most beautiful sunsets.

Chili powder (incredibly above my level of endurance for heat intensity) in a quaint little corner shop in Bernalillo, New Mexico.

The view — when I turned around backwards — from the lawn where I spent my Labor Day listening to a free National Symphony concert.

My amazing roommate same dancing on the Mall during our program’s annual group picnic.

A stack of logs waiting for winter outside a little hotel in Eagle Nest, New Mexico.

I hope you are enjoying these golden days of autumn. They’re definitely the best for sitting in the fading sunlight while reading a nice book or gallivanting around with a camera in tow.

Til then!


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