New city, new shoes

What was the last purchase I made before leaving for DC? New shoes, of course. Brown lace-up ankle boots to be exact. Other than being enthralled by the price — a little under $5, thank you eBay — I was surprised to receive them just in time to throw them into my already overweight, overstuffed bag.

Finally, the time came to wear them. You see, these weren’t just new shoes. I’m really a tennis shoe or flats kind of girl. I don’t really push limits when it comes to my footwear. But, new city means new kinds of risks! So, I threw them on and was so happy when my shoe doubts were dashed when my wonderful roommate exclaimed, “I want your shoes! Jealous.”

Just the thing I needed to hear.

Strange but wonderful how something as small as pulling off a pair of new shoes can boost your day and make you think of faraway friends — you know who you are, darlings.

Without further ado, here are my new stomps up close.

PS: I promise more DC news is coming. It might be time for you to meet the roomskies…

Til then!


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