What's for dinner?

As I sit here with my new DC roommates ordering our first batch of groceries online β€” what a concept, by the way β€” I can’t help but reflect back on one of my favorite family memories from this summer. I cooked dinner for my family of four. And, yes, it was actually rather successful.

I started by planning out my meal from by using various food blogs and then I made my first lone trip to the farmer’s market! My now-favorite farmer helped me pick the right ears of corn, tomatoes and cucumbers for this lovely summer salad, which actually turned into more of a brightly colored salsa. He also helped me pick up soft, fuzzy peaches for this amazing peach crostada. In addition to the cool salsa-salad and the warm, luscious dessert, I served my family fish. Baked tilapia to be exact.

And boy, did we enjoy it. Now off to new cooking adventures for my lovely room of six!

Till then!


A moment of silence

Whether in the form of an, ahem, absence from blogging, a quiet beach vacation or a night spent laying in a truck bed waiting for a meteor shower, silence is something to savor. Well, maybe the first of these three should occur less often.

Anyway, as I prepare for a time of my life that will be anything but quiet I have decided to enjoy my last low-key days at home. I have noticed during these past few turbulent months that comfort, for me, arises out of solitude. Mornings spent in the Word, twenty minutes attempting yoga poses led by the always-entertaining Chaz and one day focused entirely on cooking dinner are a few of the many highlights β€”or should I say lowlights β€” of my summer. I am reminded by the silence that the world will continue without me, and that I am microscopically small in comparison with the One that holds this gloriously created world together. Yet He still has something in mind for me to do.

Till then!