Friends, it has been a long time.

Over the past few weeks I have traveled from the dry, beautifully sparse land of New Mexico to my lovely home state of Tennessee. While I was excited to come home, I knew that this would be a time of great transition.

Gran reclining during Christmas 2009.

During my time away my lovely grandmother moved in with us leaving my sister without a room to call her own — it’s alright, she’s adjusted well to her new corner living space in our bonus room. Gran doesn’t hear well, so what seems like shouting matches have replaced quiet conversations. But even though my little family unit is having to adjust, it’s nice to have Gran around on a regular basis and share time with her while she is still here. With her charming repetitive stories and well-meant but sometimes harsh comments, Gran is showing me a new perspective of life and teaching me about love, family and friendship.

Also, I went from working a 10-4 desk job to living in retail land 40 hours per week. While this change has taken a beating on my feet, I encourage myself each day that my sore toes are allowing me to spend the next four months exploring and learning more about the world of writing in one of the busiest places in the world — Washington, D.C.

Even though change can be scary, I’m loving the anticipation of what will come out of the rest of this year. Bring it on 2010!