Mudholes and squishy toes

While working on a story about a missions project I came across a group that was helping a church with some repairs — painting, tiling, etc. However there was one situation that I found just a little bit different, and it led me to this question.

What do you get when you put a bunch of Baptist girls in a pit with dirt, water, and straw?

The answer is adobe bricks.

Our mission was to make bricks for an oven that the church would use to make bread.

After taking several photos for the newspaper, I decided to jump in and have some fun! At one point there were over ten of us in the tiny mudhole stomping to our heart’s content. I had forgotten how much fun I could have just playing in the dirt.

Once we got the mud to the perfect peanut-butter consistency, our job was finished.

That’s when I looked down at my feet and noticed aloud that I could not distinguish them from the mushy earth.

One of the ladies mentioned that there was a message in that statement, and I must say I agree.

I know I easily think that I am important or gifted or somehow “special” but really I am only here on this earth for a short time and at the end I will simply return to dust. Yes, the Creator made each of us to fulfill a part of that plan. In that aspect I find my value — that I am to serve him. However, when it comes to worldly pursuits I think I need to remember more often that in the end I will just be dusty dirt.

Who knows, maybe someday I will be part of that mud people romp around in to make a brick oven. I certainly do love bread!

While some may find Ecclesiastes a bit depressing, I find it encouraging that a lot of what I do here is meaningless. When I do find myself focusing on things and pursuits that are ultimately empty I remember that my worth is in Christ and nothing else.

So if the world is getting you down I encourage you to examine where you are finding your worth.

Who knew that a little bit of mud could teach you so much?

Til then!


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