I’ve been thinking. I remember the days when I was in elementary school and would bust out mom’s beautiful array of craft supplies. I would make anything. I loved to create.

Now I find myself wishing I could create but never doing it. But, I do find plenty of time to waste watching old episodes of “How I Met Your Mother” and “Arrested Development.” While the humor from these two shows are greatly appreciated, I miss the joy of making things — especially since all my crocheting tid-bits were left in Tennessee.

Yesterday I had the great experience of going to the Tinkertown Museum with a new friend. I braved the high altitude (it was even higher than Albuquerque, about halfway up the Sandias) and wandered around this handmade museum with concrete and glass bottle walls.

As I dawdled, I was struck by a statement — there were many of those — painted by the maker of the museum. It read something like, “I did all of this while you were watching tv.”

He carved little people and buildings to make a tiny town complete with buttons to push that made the place come alive. All right, so a few of them just moved a little and a light or two came on. I was pleasantly reminded of home as twangy music played in the little town section of the museum. He even had an Elvis!

After my time at the eclectic museum I thought about how much I could really accomplish if I actually did things instead of simply thinking about them.

So here’s to the hope that I let up on the stewing of my ideas and get to completing some of them. Thanks Tinkertown for stirring up the creative ten-year-old in me.

Till then!


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