The menu is on the paper bag, and you better get the burger. Mark it up with a crayon. Pick your own potato (either Idaho or sweet) from a basket and in ten minutes they’ll call your name on the intercom with your customized burger and fries.

This is the Lumpy’s experience. A new friend claims it’s the home of the best burger. I don’t know if I agree (I may be a little partial to the tourist favorite in Sante Fe, Bobcat Bite), but the food is pretty good. Especially if you like green chile.

However, my Tennessee tummy is a little used to plainer tastes and New Mexico does not know the meaning of mild. Still the burger was pretty great with its super-thick cheddar cheese slice, and even though they got each of our orders a little messed up it was definitely worth it.

With witty names for your single, double, and triple, keyser roll buns, and tasty sweet potato fries, I can happily give you a thumbs up Lumpy’s.

Till then!


3 thoughts on “Lumpy's

  1. So as much as a dislike burgers, I really want to try these. New Mexico is so brown compared to here! I don’t think I could handle that. Hey! Are those dudes in the picture your new friends? Wait, is that the dude who introduced you to Robot Unicorn Attack? Looveee. Sorry this comment is kind of everywhere. I get to see you in like two or three weeks. Sah-wheat! I love you big sister. ❤

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