Off to the four winds

First day of working at the Baptist New Mexican down. Everyone was so nice and they even gave me my own desk! (Which I needed. I managed to write a story and a half today.) Here’s a sneak peak at my very first office phone and a bottle of water since living in New Mexico requires loads of hydration.

I do miss my lovely friends who were here for my first 10 days of exploration in New Mexico. Now we have all gone in different different directions. The wind has carried us off as it wills!

While my buddies were here, we tromped around an Arizona canyon — which was not the Grand — on one of our last days together. While doing so we had a blast being American tourists and listening to Sinatra while we zoomed around in our rented suburban, a.k.a. the Batmobile. Our professor even jammed a little to a song about supermodels working the runway. Sacher, chanter!

The next set of photos is from a trip a little earlier in our adventure. We went to El Morro! People used to carve their names in the rock as they passed through. Pretty neat, but after the third post we quickly became tired of reading the supplemental book of information describing who carved each spot. But we did brave high altitude and air that is much thinner than that in Tennessee to get to the top!

I had such an amazing time my first 10 days in this strange desert of a state, and I cannot wait to see what the next five weeks will bring!

Till then!


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