Kids and cameras

All those who know me personally probably also know about my love for children. I love playing and laughing with them — all the stereotypical things young women who want to someday be moms like. Yes, I am one of those girls.

However, during my New Mexico trip (I am now almost to day four of ten!) I was assigned as photographer for a great new church start up, Paragon Church. As usual, I wanted to keep photographing the kids and their Sunday school classes, but unfortunately I was continually pointed in a different direction.

I did get a snapshot of this treasure though when I was in one of the classrooms.

I met a friend name Kathryn, and I felt so bad I couldn’t chat and run around with her! I just had to keep saying no to playing on the playground and getting drinks of water at the fountain. I had to keep shooting. I had to keep shooting adults. So I did.

Sometimes, you don’t get to play and run off on a whim with little ones like you want to, but I also have realized the value of adult interaction. I even ran into (and photographed) a man who knew of Mule Day as soon as I said I was from Columbia. Adults can be surprising too!

Here are just a few of the lovely people I met at Paragon.

Till then!


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