Entering the West

School is out, which means summer and the time for bright, new adventures is here. Within 24 hours I packed up my dorm room — which filled up every nook of my little red Ion — unpacked it all, packed my tiny new-but-old-school suitcase for my ten-day communications trip, and left for my 7 a.m. flight to Albuquerque.

While it was difficult to spend only one afternoon at home after a long semester and strenuous finals, I couldn’t help but feel the twinge of excitement at entering what was to me a foreign land.

As we flew over the states between my luscious home state of Tennessee and the desert land of New Mexico I noticed something I never fully realized — not all land is green. This part of the country looked like my mother’s new granite countertops! I had never seen so much brown. As we approached our destination I managed to sneak a photo out the airplane window.

On the connecting flight where I snapped this shot I was separated from my group, which at first seemed a little daunting. (You see, I am not the most independent girl out there. In fact, some may call me a homebody.) However, I was pleasantly surprised when I met my seatmate, Miss Mary. After a few short minutes of chit-chat and both of our confessions of love for reading, I realized that what my mother told me as a young one was not necessarily true. Not all strangers are bad.

She was heading home to New Mexico and gave me some helpful and vivid descriptions of what to expect when I arrived in the great desert. She was a lovely lady and even gave me her business card in case I needed anything while I was wondering around her dry, brown home state.

People and places can always surprise you! I now see it’s best to expect better out of any situation instead of worse. No need to worry about foreign places and friendly people you haven’t met. They usually open your eyes to something new if your willing to let go and explore.

I’m off to another New Mexican day!

Till then!


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