Yes, I know the time for snow is long gone, but there is a lesson in my wintry January adventures.

Amidst the mounds of snow—an unusual occurrence for this far south—I found myself playing like I did when I was a kiddo. (Not that that was really that long ago…) Sliding on icy spots like Tom Cruise in his socks and underpants, using small, steep downhills to sled without an actual sled, and crunching my footprints into the crispy snow were just a few of my favorite activities. This year old man winter brought a playground, not misery.

(Photos are from described playtime with my dad, dog, and lovely, energetic neighborhood friends.)

What to do with these experiences now that the snow has melted and thunderstorms and flooding have replaced ice and blizzards? I say enjoy them.

Want to stay in? Embrace your smallness. Read as it rumbles. Drink to the storm.

More of the outdoors type? Watch the lightning. Run in the rain. Romp in the puddles.

Every type of weather has its positives. God has blessed us with such variety! Instead of complaining about the gloom, let’s have fun and see what it might teach us about ourselves.

Till then!


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