Sister act

So, my sister came to visit me this past weekend. We love each other, always have, but there just that tension between siblings that never seems to quite go away. Good news (or bad) — it’s still there. Example: Sister wanted to do something like meet and chat with new people or throw a frisbee around while I mostly just wanted to nap.

Thankfully, her wondrous and sometimes irritating presence pushed me to do some activities that I probably wouldn’t have done otherwise. Among these included a rave complete with strobe lights, glow sticks, techno remixes, and flailing limbs. And for this, I must say thanks little sis. I really enjoyed being out of my comfort zone. We both met some new buddies, and without you I might not have met them! Plus we just had a good time bouncing and boogying even though our feet and calves were not appreciative the next morning.

She also let me play around in the photo studio. I needed some practice with the lights, which was an interesting time to say the least. So here are a few frames from our photo playtime.

So, my younger sister taught me a lesson. It’s good to stop being a seemingly boring adult. Surprises await those who are willing to do something they think they don’t want to do.

Here’s to an open mind and an active social life!

Till then!


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