See the sea

As I sit here with peeling once-sunburned skin listening to the glorious thunderstorm raging outside, I want to reflect and share those musings from one of my favorite places from my spring break vacation.

The beach.

I’ve been to a certain beach many times in my life, and it was so much fun to experience a new one. I did a lot of the same activities typical for any sand and sea dweller: lounging, sunbathing, reading, laughing, chatting, searching for shells.

As I dug my toes in the sand from the comfort of a bright, multi-colored fold out chair, I finished a marvelous book, a classic. Recreational reading is such a joy, and it is disappointing that I forget how much love I have for good books. Even though college is a wonderful place to be, it was wonderful to once again vicariously experience the ups and downs — from chases to reaching home —of characters, even if they are rabbits. I encourage you to take time, when possible, to read something you’ve always wanted to start and finish. I doubt it will disappoint. Watership Down sure didn’t.

Reading provided a much needed escape, but so did roaming the natural wade pools for their variety of shells. I collected a handful that reminded me of home, but while searching, thinking, and roaming with friends we discovered a surprise!

Nothing other than a starfish, alive and kickin’.

It’s time to search for ideas for my latest writing assignment. Oh, how I already miss spring break. What a lovely time it was!

I’m off to settle back into my study-eat-sleep-study routine.

Till then!


2 thoughts on “See the sea

  1. I relate, we seem to have common genes! Walking the beach. The adventure of a new place. Enjoying a mild burn from old Sol. Reading for pleasure, and getting lost in the story. Time well-spent with people you love.

    Honey, I’m sorry to tell you, but you seem to have many of my characteristics. You should expect to have salt -n- pepper hair in your forties, develop a small paunch in your later years, and absolutely love your kids throughout their lives. But I can think of worse things…

    Keep writing!!!

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