New blog, new outlook

April Fool’s Day, what a day of fun and jubilee! While I am not a joker, I thought there was no better day than today to start my chronicles of joy and happiness.

This fateful day comes right in the middle of my spring break, a much-needed vacation from the hustle bustle of school and all the responsibilities that come with it.  I’m spending my 10 days relaxing with three of my loveliest friends in the enchanting city of Charleston.

As day 6 rolls in, I have already discovered that it is much better to dawdle and laugh with friends than to worry whether or not people are troubled by your silliness. It’s the small occurrences in life, the times where you let go of your reserve and care less about the opinions of others that make life vibrant. Spontaneity — something I often lack — provides room for strange happenings and surprises.

If only it were easy for the always-needs-a-plan girl to stop controlling her life and enjoy the unexpected wonders thrown at her. Here it goes to that challenge. O what fun! I’m off to learn more about embracing life’s surprises and letting go; we’ll see where it takes me.

Till then!


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