Yes, I know the time for snow is long gone, but there is a lesson in my wintry January adventures.

Amidst the mounds of snow—an unusual occurrence for this far south—I found myself playing like I did when I was a kiddo. (Not that that was really that long ago…) Sliding on icy spots like Tom Cruise in his socks and underpants, using small, steep downhills to sled without an actual sled, and crunching my footprints into the crispy snow were just a few of my favorite activities. This year old man winter brought a playground, not misery.

(Photos are from described playtime with my dad, dog, and lovely, energetic neighborhood friends.)

What to do with these experiences now that the snow has melted and thunderstorms and flooding have replaced ice and blizzards? I say enjoy them.

Want to stay in? Embrace your smallness. Read as it rumbles. Drink to the storm.

More of the outdoors type? Watch the lightning. Run in the rain. Romp in the puddles.

Every type of weather has its positives. God has blessed us with such variety! Instead of complaining about the gloom, let’s have fun and see what it might teach us about ourselves.

Till then!


Sister act

So, my sister came to visit me this past weekend. We love each other, always have, but there just that tension between siblings that never seems to quite go away. Good news (or bad) — it’s still there. Example: Sister wanted to do something like meet and chat with new people or throw a frisbee around while I mostly just wanted to nap.

Thankfully, her wondrous and sometimes irritating presence pushed me to do some activities that I probably wouldn’t have done otherwise. Among these included a rave complete with strobe lights, glow sticks, techno remixes, and flailing limbs. And for this, I must say thanks little sis. I really enjoyed being out of my comfort zone. We both met some new buddies, and without you I might not have met them! Plus we just had a good time bouncing and boogying even though our feet and calves were not appreciative the next morning.

She also let me play around in the photo studio. I needed some practice with the lights, which was an interesting time to say the least. So here are a few frames from our photo playtime.

So, my younger sister taught me a lesson. It’s good to stop being a seemingly boring adult. Surprises await those who are willing to do something they think they don’t want to do.

Here’s to an open mind and an active social life!

Till then!

See the sea

As I sit here with peeling once-sunburned skin listening to the glorious thunderstorm raging outside, I want to reflect and share those musings from one of my favorite places from my spring break vacation.

The beach.

I’ve been to a certain beach many times in my life, and it was so much fun to experience a new one. I did a lot of the same activities typical for any sand and sea dweller: lounging, sunbathing, reading, laughing, chatting, searching for shells.

As I dug my toes in the sand from the comfort of a bright, multi-colored fold out chair, I finished a marvelous book, a classic. Recreational reading is such a joy, and it is disappointing that I forget how much love I have for good books. Even though college is a wonderful place to be, it was wonderful to once again vicariously experience the ups and downs — from chases to reaching home —of characters, even if they are rabbits. I encourage you to take time, when possible, to read something you’ve always wanted to start and finish. I doubt it will disappoint. Watership Down sure didn’t.

Reading provided a much needed escape, but so did roaming the natural wade pools for their variety of shells. I collected a handful that reminded me of home, but while searching, thinking, and roaming with friends we discovered a surprise!

Nothing other than a starfish, alive and kickin’.

It’s time to search for ideas for my latest writing assignment. Oh, how I already miss spring break. What a lovely time it was!

I’m off to settle back into my study-eat-sleep-study routine.

Till then!

New blog, new outlook

April Fool’s Day, what a day of fun and jubilee! While I am not a joker, I thought there was no better day than today to start my chronicles of joy and happiness.

This fateful day comes right in the middle of my spring break, a much-needed vacation from the hustle bustle of school and all the responsibilities that come with it.  I’m spending my 10 days relaxing with three of my loveliest friends in the enchanting city of Charleston.

As day 6 rolls in, I have already discovered that it is much better to dawdle and laugh with friends than to worry whether or not people are troubled by your silliness. It’s the small occurrences in life, the times where you let go of your reserve and care less about the opinions of others that make life vibrant. Spontaneity — something I often lack — provides room for strange happenings and surprises.

If only it were easy for the always-needs-a-plan girl to stop controlling her life and enjoy the unexpected wonders thrown at her. Here it goes to that challenge. O what fun! I’m off to learn more about embracing life’s surprises and letting go; we’ll see where it takes me.

Till then!